LeTribe is all about fashion intelligence, sustainability, and community.

Clothes are often discarded when much of their potential lifetime is left and 30% of the clothes made worldwide are never even sold. Ever!

LeTribe was born from the need to extend the lifespan of products, and from the need to educate everyone around us, to produce smarter. 

With us, you have the opportunity to give pre-loved clothes a new chance and upgrade your wardrobe in a smart way. 

What does it mean to shop intentionally?

  • Make better shopping decisions with a digital wardrobe.
  • Buy what creates the most value for your personal style.
  • Use the full potential of your wardrobe!

What is the lifespan of products?

Selling the clothes you do not vibe with any longer is the best way to extend the lifespan of products! There is always somebody out there to love it!

Why LeTribe?

  • Smart shopping - save money by shopping in pre-loved aftermarket. Somebody might just sell the item, you need.
  • Smart overview - all your purchases are visible under your account, which means you have a good overview of what you have and maybe what you don’t need anymore
  • Get dressed with LeTribe - Inspire others and get inspired on how to style. Welcome to LeTribe community.

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